rewind & rejuvenate: how to do a self-care rewatch

as a chronic rewatcher (i’ve probably seen every show i even remotely like at least 3 times over), i am a strong proponent for falling back into familiar fictional worlds. a rewatch has a magical quality about it; you come across jokes and easter eggs you may have missed the first time around, and potentially discover a new outlook on a character you used to hate after processing the story through a new lens. most importantly, however, a show you know and love is like the comfort food of media. in an increasingly stressful pandemic where everything is uncertain, you can regain a bit of control by revisiting a comforting world you already know. 

step one: choose your show

take note of your mood and any upcoming stressors. if you’re feeling down and about to go into midterms, perhaps now is not the time to delve into that gritty HBO drama or the existential musings of Bojack Horseman. pick something that won’t overwhelm you if you’re feeling sad or exhausted, such as a silly reality show or comedy.

whatever you choose, be sure it’s a show that was formative and special for you! revisiting something nostalgic will let you engage in some light escapism and offer comfort in these uncertain times.

kenneth ellen parcell from 30 rock perfectly embodying the love for tv that makes a rewatch so soothing!

step two: consider your commitment levels

a thorough rewatch from beginning to end is a long road. do you have it in you to commit to all 17 seasons of grey’s anatomy, or will you just watch your favourite heart-wrenching episode for a quick taste? the perfect variety is up to you, whether it be every episode chronologically or a sampling of your very favorite episodes. 

‼️ optional ‼️

consult a rewatch guide for the show you’ve chosen, which can tell you what episodes are worth seeing again (either for their quality or importance to the plot).

step three: set the scene

the perfect set up, featuring my sweet daughter luna.

feeling fancy this evening? project your show on the wall or watch on the tv if you have one for the ✨big-screen experience✨! feeling a bit more like sleepy gremlin after a long day? watch on your 13” laptop screen, tilted sideways while lying down in bed. no matter your viewing style, do your best to make each episode viewing special! whether it be through fancy foods, a lit candle or a snuggle with an animal friend, make the experience special!

michael scott from the office, admiring his $200 plasma screen tv (your laptop will probably offer a better viewing experience)

step four: grab a snack

consider theming your snack for the show you’ve chosen, to give your rewatch an immersive edge. grab your gabagool from the fridge as you watch Tony Soprano make the tough boss decisions, or get a whole cheese plate a la Liz Lemon (but be sure to pace yourself). if not, any favorite snack will do! be sure to pick a comfort food to match your comfort show. 

the soprano crime family’s favorite snack: capicola cold cuts (known colloquially as “gabagool”)

there you have it! it’s up to you the pace at which you go; some of us are bingers, others pepper episodes throughout the week. however you consume it, let your nostalgic show offer you warmth and solace.

i’ve found it very difficult to consume new media over the past year. lockdown has left us all with a feeling of collective grief and anxiety. a rewatch of a favorite show, comforting in its familiarity, is the perfect self-soothe for tough times.

5 thoughts on “rewind & rejuvenate: how to do a self-care rewatch”

  1. I loved this post! Cant wait to try this on my own after midterm season is over and I can relax! Good tip about the rewatch guide, I didn’t know those existed but I’m definitely exited to browse through a few of my favourite shows!


    1. Ahh thank you so much! Glad you liked the post! My pals laugh at me a bit for being extra and using rewatch guides but I think they’re super helpful:) Praying we all get through midterms so we can watch our favorite shows (maybe reading week will give us a moment of peace?)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, I love this so much! I am a religious rewatcher so I absolutely loved these tips! I’ve never heard of a rewatch guide so that’s definitely going into my bookmarked tabs. Let me know if you have any good show/movie recommendations for me!


    1. i’m so glad you liked the post !! yes a rewatch guide is perfect to still follow the plot arcs but not have to watch Every episode. i would say sopranos or breaking bad if you’re looking for a drama; arrested development, 30 rock or bojack for comedy; and desperate housewives, love island, buffy or veronica mars for more silly, easy watching ! :~)


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